How To Properly Inspect Your Air Conditioner 


Air conditioners are made to be hardy, but even the toughest tools have their limits. There are a number of reasons that an air conditioner may break or malfunction, and knowing how to inspect it can help you fix the problem before your house becomes an unbearably hot oven. Whether you’re inspecting a window unit or central system, the first step is always to break out the user manual and locate the serial number. Without that number, you can’t track down a replacement or repair part.


Once you have your serial number, it’s time to check the outside of the compressor for leaks. Leaks are a common source of problems with central air conditioners, so look around the compressor and condenser for telltale signs of a leak, such as moist ground beneath the unit or damp spots on the exterior. Even small leaks can cause big damage if left unattended, so fix any leaks immediately before moving on to other checks.


Hire An Air Conditioning Repair Expert

Although many homeowners know how to operate basic tools and have a good understanding of how air conditioners work, it still doesn’t compare to the experience that an AC professional brings. For instance, home inspectors can look for signs of wear and tear on your system from the outside, but they cannot inspect for damage from within. This means that if there is a leak in one of the internal components, in most cases, it would go undetected.


Additionally, many experienced technicians are certified in the use of advanced diagnostics tools that can help them to pinpoint issues with your system. Since they have access to these tools and can perform an intensive inspection, this allows them to identify the root cause of the problem immediately instead of wasting time troubleshooting.


In addition to being more efficient, hiring a professional is also far less hazardous. AC work is very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries or even death if not done properly. In fact, the US National Safety Council reports that four out of five residential AC Crystal Valley Comfort of Elkhart technicians who do maintenance on systems are injured in some way every year, and the injuries are often serious. This is also a further reason to hire a professional, as they know how to work with these potentially dangerous tools and will do the job right — instead of you attempting it yourself and risking injury.